Michael J. Korber  { The Artist }

Paintings, sculptures and drawings of Michael Korber represent his unique figurative style, trademarked by the affection for linear motion. The artist established a new direction in the world of modern art
- the school of "pyrotechnic iconographism".

Pyrotechnic Iconographism  { The Style }

The title "Pyrotechnic Iconographism" was bestowed upon
his style by Dame Françoise Tempra, the art historian and president-founder of the Malta International Biennale.

Korber's approach can be shortly described as:
"the exploding dynamic, linear motion of line and color… Line meets color."
It is expressed trough wide range of mediums like:
oil on canvas, ink on linen, drawings on paper,
and monumental concrete, steel or bronze sculptures.

Korber's Works  { The Experience }

Distinctive style in capturing the sensuality of human nature
brings not only exceptional visual experience but also
gives a highly emotional dimension
to the painter´s and sculptor´s artworks.

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